Raindrops and Rain Clouds

It’s been raining here.  A lot.

It’s been pouring-off-the roof, making-streams-and-waterfalls-in-the-front-yard, drowning-the-potted-plants raining here.

The problem is, the underside of rain clouds are neither interesting nor photogenic, so I’ve not had anything to photograph for a while.

But, when I finally got brave enough (i.e. so sick with cabin fever that I couldn’t take it any more) to drive out in the rain to do some mindless errands, I got this picture near the top of the northbound lanes on the Thomas Johnson bridge over the Patuxent River:


See that rain falling just to the right of the bridge? It’s going to make it to my house just as I pull into my driveway.

Based on the darkness of the cloud and the steady rain it produced for hours (about 120 of them, off and on, not that I counted), I’m checking it off as a nimbostratus cloud in my Cloud Collector’s Handbook.