Abigail Birch Guest Post: Spiders – the Creepy Crawlies of the Heroes

Dear readers,

I know many of you probably have Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. But these eight legged guy (and girls) aren’t what you think. What do you hate worse:spiders or MOSQUITOES?! If I were you I would say mosquitoes. Well fun fact: Spiders eat mosquitoes!! YAYYYYY! I know what most of you are thinking”but still spiders are scary and venomous ” Most spiders don’t have venom powerful enough to hurt humans.2 venomous spiders live in this part of the USA,the black widow and the brown recluse. i get it they’re not the best to look at face to face,but if you get to know them I think you’ll get along quite nicely. so don’t kill spiders just for fun, don’t be a hater. ( Just don’t let them crawl in your pants;trust me there are many ways spiders are great but crawling crawling on you isn’t one of them.)

Bye, Abbey