Raindrops and Rain Clouds

It’s been raining here.  A lot.

It’s been pouring-off-the roof, making-streams-and-waterfalls-in-the-front-yard, drowning-the-potted-plants raining here.

The problem is, the underside of rain clouds are neither interesting nor photogenic, so I’ve not had anything to photograph for a while.

But, when I finally got brave enough (i.e. so sick with cabin fever that I couldn’t take it any more) to drive out in the rain to do some mindless errands, I got this picture near the top of the northbound lanes on the Thomas Johnson bridge over the Patuxent River:


See that rain falling just to the right of the bridge? It’s going to make it to my house just as I pull into my driveway.

Based on the darkness of the cloud and the steady rain it produced for hours (about 120 of them, off and on, not that I counted), I’m checking it off as a nimbostratus cloud in my Cloud Collector’s Handbook.

One thought on “Raindrops and Rain Clouds

  1. Autumn by the waters! You’ve gotta love nimbostratus clouds. And silver and white photographs. And the gleam of automobile headlights emerging the forward gloom! I wondered, once, what the local birds did, the ones who on a dry day visit our bird feeder continually, when the raindrops came pouring down. Then I went for a walk in the rain through our woods. There they were, our titmice and chickadees and nuthatches and cardinals, flying busily about, branch to limb to trunk and back again–with nary a nod to the wetness. I guess they do that at a rainy feeder, too–but I’m not usually watching. People who watch get rewarded; people who don’t, don’t.


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