An Unusual Request

You’re about to read a request that I never thought I’d type:

Please go get in your car and start driving.

Even as I type the words, the thought of burning extra fossil fuels makes me feel guilty. . . but this is worth it.

If you live anywhere near the New River Valley, find an excuse to go for a drive on Interstate 81 this weekend!

All along I-81, the native redbud trees (Cercis canadensis) are in full bloom, lining both sides of the road with that bright pink that is almost purple (or that purple that’s not quite pink, depending on your point of view.)

It is absolutely spectacular.

I would have taken a hundred pictures to share with you, but I saw them while I was driving, of course.

So, please, for the sake of a happy soul, go see them yourself.  Go.

Go now.

Stop reading and go already!

2 thoughts on “An Unusual Request

  1. You’re killing me, here. You’re KILLing me! It is nighttime. Tomorrow, this week, I have projects that MUST be attended. So which mileage markers (approximately) identify the area??? The redbuds that line 1 block (south of RTC) here in Reston, are at peak. Magically so. So ethereal. You are right. Whenever anyone speaks of post seasonal depressions, it seems the condition is caused by not having actually celebrated the season. Now, we SHOULD celebrate the season of the redbuds. (Also, I must find blooming dogwoods. Wouldja believe I have zero, zip, de nada photos of dogwoods????)


  2. Sorry for killing you. . . but if you have NO pictures of dogwoods I’d say that that project outranks all of the others! 😉

    We traveled to Richmond this weekend and I can report that the redbuds are fantastic along most of I-64 b/w outer Richmond and I-81; Afton mountain is GORGEOUS, and there are white dogwoods blooming alongside to boot.

    Dogwoods aren’t as advanced in the Valley & Ridge, but should be next weekend. Redubds are excellent in stretches anywhere south of Natural Bridge.

    Don’t you neeeeeed a good nature drive? Haven’t you been good? Don’t you deserve it?

    I say yes!


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