Happy Spring! A Guest Post by Abigail Birch

I am pleased to introduce another writer in the family; my daughter Abigail.  She’s a nature-minded fourth grader and has a wonderful way with words.  Enjoy!

Hi! I am very excited to blog here with my mom and tell you all about my spring experiences!  I also added a poem about spring at the bottom of my paragraph.


Tulips growing in our front garden.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed five blooming tulips in our front yard and realized that spring is finally here!  I was so overjoyed!  I then looked around and saw many blooming daffodils, tulips, crocuses and cherry trees.

But one thing was wrong one plastic bag was floating and got itself stuck in a tree!  My smile immediately turned into a frown and I quickly ran outside to try to catch it but it drifted away too quickly when I was running after it I saw many candy wrappers, bags and, of course, beer cans. It was not fun to see.  I stopped running and sadly watched it drift away that part was very sad.  But things turned around when I had the idea to pick up all the trash I saw on the way and boy was there a lot of it!  When I finally reached home I had armfuls of trash I was so happy to throw it all away and rest!

Goodbye for now and here is my poem! – Abbey


Robins playing in my yard

Butterflies everywhere

Flying once again to flowers growing


Meadows Rivers and Things

Spring spreads across to everything!


Abigail Birch, 9 1/2 years old.


One thought on “Happy Spring! A Guest Post by Abigail Birch

  1. How exciting. Abigail I love your observations. And the picture of the tulips you see is a great addition! What a lovely combination of pinks they are. Picking up the trash is such a fine pastime. Honestly, I have a secret desire to acquire a stick with a nail sticking out the end. Wouldn’t it be a smart way for me to get some exercise!


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